Materials and Sustainability

This should go without saying: being kind to everyone in the business and genuinely caring about the environment shouldn’t make Hannah Bourn Jewellery special. It should be a standard.

Brand Ethos


The brand is proudly British and aims to enhance our perception of nature whilst leaving no global footprint on the planet. Hannah has always been aware of our Earth's fragility and wants to protect it as much as she can, using recycled materials as an integral part of the business, and sustainability at the core. Especially as her brand is fundamentally inspired by the earth and in particular highlighting the beautiful shapes of nature, Hannah is greatly concerned about the environmental impact her jewellery has on the earth. Her ambition is to preserve and celebrate the beauty of our natural world, whilst also connecting people to it through sculptural jewellery and making them aware of its fragility. 

Pieces are designed to withstand changes and trends, remaining relevant and long lasting through their links with nature and individual design. Hannah makes jewellery to become heirlooms of the future and not just disposable fashion items. All jewellery is made from recycled silver and gold and with a fair-trade bespoke option. Packaging is recyclable or re-usable and sourced from the UK. 

Proudly British

Made in England.


Jewellery weighing above the minimum legal threshold of 7.78g is hallmarked by one of the national independent 3rd party Assay offices which guarantees that the precious metal is of the finest standard. Hannah’s personal hallmark will be applied to the jewellery if it is over the relevant weight.

Fairmined Silver and Gold

All Hannah’s silver and gold is recycled and only uses Fairmined gold Vermeil. As a Fairmined licenced brand, every gram is made to count, supporting the small artisanal mining communities in the following ways: miners and their families receive fair pay for the gold and their hard work, gender equality is promoted, no child labour, a healthy and safe working place and transparency is guaranteed, knowing its entire journey. These crucial points are normally things that go totally unknown in the normal gold industry. 

As a proud Fairmined licenced brand, Hannah is able to offer an alternative to recycled metal so you can order a piece to be made in fairmined gold or silver if you feel this is more desirable to you than recycled. Fairmined silver and gold comes at a considerably higher price as it allows the rare traceability and origin of the precious metals. Please get in touch for a solid Fairmined piece as an alternative to recycled. This would be a bespoke piece so please email

get in touch

Recycled Silver and Gold

All of the jewellery in Hannah’s collections is made from solid 925 recycled silver and with the option of gold vermeil. Using recycled metal is so important as this means it has not cost the environment more of its natural resources or contributed to the human problems associated with metal mining. 

Hannah can also help up-cycle your old preloved precious metal jewellery: metal can be melted down and recycled, stones can be re-used or replaced, pieces can be re-designed or repaired, metals can be re-surfaced using gold vermeil to bring them back to their original lustre.


Hannah loves working with gemstones. She can work with old antique stones if the quality is good enough, and can also re use old family stones into new designs. If she needs to source new gemstones, she uses trust worthy companies in the UK who reliably source ethical gemstones from around the world. Stones can be added to many piece in Hannah’s main collection, or you can design a bespoke piece to incorporate a stone. Choosing a specific stone with a unique origin can be a really exciting part of the design process for your piece and can make it even more personal please get in touch for this bespoke service



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