About Hannah Bourn

Brought up in Lincolnshire as a coast and country lover and admirer of the natural world, Hannah is a multi-award winning British jewellery designer who sees it as the most beautiful of art forms, incorporating traditional craft techniques with high end design. Her passion for art and creativity is what drives her to be a designer of individual artefacts that create personal experiences, enrich people’s lives and become heirlooms of the future.She appreciates the beauty of nature and wants to exhibit this through her authentic designs which offer a new outlook on the way we connect jewellery within the world and people to nature.


Handmade By Hannah

Hannah graduated with a first class degree in Jewellery Design at the prestigious Central St Martins in London, where she developed her passion for exploring the human connection with the natural world, and channelling her artistic concepts into three-dimensional sculptural forms for adorning the body. She wants to create jewellery that offers diverse pieces connecting people to nature despite their surroundings: to help them find tranquility, like the feeling of being by the sea, and what we associate with our senses on touching raw, natural materials. 

Beach to Bench

Her intricate sculptural pieces are reminiscent of the sea, respectful of the earth, and carry the message of something both beautiful but fragile, which has the potential to re-connect the wearer to the world from which they came from. She focuses on preserving organic forms, shapes and imprints whilst exploring the organic fluidity of the shapes, and highlights their delicate beauty by using precious metals to breathe life back into their inanimate forms. Hannah’s work is lovingly handmade in her Lincolnshire studio, demonstrating quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and creating sensory artefacts to treasure both now and in the future.


About the materials

By Hannah Bourn

Jewellery with a story to tell


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