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Mindful Packaging

Hannah believes that the packaging should enhance the experience of receiving your new piece of jewellery and make it a delight to open. It has been carefully designed and selected by her to be fundamentally eco-friendly and to compliment the nature driven authentic designs of the jewellery.

Tissue Paper

Used to wrap your jewellery is totally harm free and made from soy inks and recycled papers to ensure a fully sustainable packing experience.

The Box

Made from recyclable cardboard, keeping your jewellery safe and protected. It can be re-used to store jewellery in or recycled. 

The Linen Pouch

The re-usable linen pouch is handmade from pure white natural linen and is perfect for storing your jewellery long term.  

Merino Wool

This is a conscious alternative to foam padded inserts. The wool is 100% pure, supporting a UK wool company and uses only natural dyes. This helps to protect your jewellery whilst in the ring box.  

Postal Box

Your postal orders will arrive in a unbranded eco-friendly FSC brown cardboard box. This has carefully been selected as an option to be recycled. 

White Cotton Bag

For larger purchases and those in person sales, the 100% cotton bag handmade in the UK can be reused for many purposes. 

Paper & Card Stationary

All printed on recycled paper and card sourced in the UK.


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